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Company Profile



Company Registration Number of Supertech Instruments UK Limited is: 07987200 England & Wales


European Union VAT ID of Supertech Ltd. is: HU10614941


Supertech Instruments works together, and based on Supertech International company group. Originally Supertech International was established in 1991 as a German - Hungarian joint venture. In 1996 the headquarters of Supertech International was relocated to Zurich, Switzerland. We have been running our Swiss office since then. Supertech Instruments UK Limited was established in 2012, as a separate firm, to be the commercial headquarters of Supertech Instruments in the UK. The factory of Supertech International company group is located in Hungary.


Supertech Instruments works on different fields of economy, supervised by responsible experts for each fields. The common feature of our each activities are the usage of high technology, applied for the highest requirements. A short summary of our fields is given below (in logic sequence, not in the order of importance):


In 1999 we established a precision mechanical workshop. In this workshop we work on special development projects for research institutes. Supertech Instruments has got a specialized workshop for metal construction, too. Here we mainly deal with development of our own prototypes.


In 1996 we started manufacturing of STable (©) Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Tables. Supertech Instruments is the only one manufacturer of vibration isolation tables in this region of Europe.


Designing and manufacturing of special electronic measuring equipments and computer-controlled data acquisition systems for medical and neurophysiological applications. In this field we have got many sophisticated reference systems. Our specialists have got more than 200 scientific publications (our employees together) in important international scientific journals. In this activity we work not for, but together with the experts of medical fields. Our two main topics which we are especially interested in:


A) Designing and prototyping of special amplifiers and analogue signal processing equipments to collect biological signals, which can be detected electronically. Our main interest in this topic is: to design special amplifiers for microelectrode research applications, used in the central nervous system (extracellular, intracellular, multi-channel, patch clamp, whole cell clamp, multi-barrel, etc.).


B) Developing of intelligent, programmable, and complete data acquisition systems (based on PCs) for research, medical, and industrial applications. We are especially efficient in development activity, because we are familiar not only development of analog electronics, but in digital hardware and computer interfacing, as well.


The list of the most important institutes and firms, highlighted among the frequent customers of Supertech Instruments (the list is not intended to be exhaustive):


University of Cambridge (UK)

University of Oxford (UK)

University of Cardiff (UK)

University of Sussex (UK)

University of Newcastle (UK)

King's College London (UK)

Tohoku University (Japan)

Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA)

University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Pennsylvania State University (USA)

University of Padova (Italy)

University of Florence (Italy)

Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin (Germany)

University of Heidelberg (Germany)

University of Vienna (Austria)

University of Helsinki (Finland)

University of Haifa (Israel)

Nobel Institute for Neurophysiology, Karolinska Inst. (Sweden)

Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute of Neurobiology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology (Kiev, Ukraine)

NIKON Europe

Carl Zeiss Austria

Carl Zeiss Hungary

Unicam (Olympus Hungary)

Auroscience (Nikon Hungary)

Biomarker (Leica Hungary)

Biorad (UK)

Cydrel (Germany)

Clinilab (Romania)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)

Eotvos Lorand University of Sciences (Hungary)

Semmelweis University (Hungary)

University of Pecs (Hungary)

University of Debrecen (Hungary)

University of Szeged (Hungary)

Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Chemical Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Balaton Limnological Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Biological Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Psychology Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Dr. Csaba Niedetzky, PhD

 head electronic engineer

      managing director




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